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Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil

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Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil


"With this essential oil, I was able to break the habit of eating junk food and being a couch potato."

"I was able to lose so much weight healthily. I used to be overweight but with this essential oil, I was able to break the habit of eating junk food and being a couch potato. I am now leading a healthier lifestyle and lost my first several pounds. Through the help of this Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil, I am now heading towards a healthier weight and I feel like I can do anything!"

Diana Humphrey, Spring, Texas

"It keeps me from feeling bloated and weighs me down as well."

"I used to be overweight and this has made me make a concerted effort and move more frequently on a daily basis. This essential oil really helped a lot to detox my body. It  keeps me from feeling bloated and weighs me down as well. A good aid in keeping your weight consistent and a regulated digestive system. Now I am with a healthy weight and a toned body because my fats got replaced with muscles."

Monty Rusher, Queens, New York

2 Key Herbal Ingredients For Belly Drainage

1. Ginger


Does Ginger Help You Lose Weight? Yes, it can.

Ginger’s weight loss abilities do more than benefit your mid-section! Ginger affects how your body burns fat (thermogenesis), digests carbohydrates and uses insulin. Scientists suggest ginger also inhibits how much fat your gut absorbs and controls appetite. What’s most exciting is that ginger appears to help suppress obesity when it’s been induced by a high-fat diet.


2. Angelica

 is a genus of plants and herbs that’s often used in traditional medicine, particularly in Asian countries. The roots of many species of Angelica are used to make herbal medicines for various purposes, including hormonal balance, digestive support, and body detoxification and reduce excessive fats.


What makes the Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil very effective?


  • Belly Fat Drain is 10x more effective than on-skin application as it directly drains fats from your belly via the belly button.
  • Effortless Slimming quickly absorbed into the skin with fast, visible results, giving you a slim figure with minimal effort. 

  • Health benefits which boosts blood circulation and other vital fluids, keeping your body healthy and fit.
  • Safe for all skin types and daily use. No harmful side effects. 
  • Organic and uses all-natural ginger oil as its star ingredient, with other organic extracts.
  • Easy to use by just simply applying the product directly into the belly while massaging and letting it be absorbed.


Let’s check out Eleanor Shiffer’s weight loss journey with this Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil:

Eleanor Shiffer is a 38 year old woman who lives in Albany, New York. After hitting 315 lbs. She decided that it is the end of the line and she has to find a way to lose off those fats if she doesn’t want to be sick at an early age.

“I had always been motivated to lose weight. I tried countless diets, weight-loss programs, nutritionists, doctors…you name it, I've tried it without long-term success. Everything was either a quick fix for a short period of time and not sustainable, or just didn’t work. My weight hit 315 pounds”.


Week 1

She then started using the Belly Drainage GInger Essential Oil and to her amazement she right away started seeing quite a good outcome from it.

“This Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil focuses on teaching you what and how to eat in any life situation. Like the effect of this oil in a couple of days would make you lose your appetite. When I purchased this Oil, I went all in. I had always been the type of person who worked out in the gym for hours but never saw results. So when I started to use the essential oil, I decided not to exercise for the first few weeks to see if the product really worked. I focused on the application of it solely, and immediately started seeing results.”


Week 8

She found out that this essential oil actually prevents the absorption of oils, sugars, starches and helps decrease excessive appetite. Thus, helping her to have a positive mindset towards weight loss. 

“What I love about the Ginger Essential Oil is that it changed my mindset around food. I no longer have a big appetite and I learned to listen to my body and fuel it with the foods it needs and I learned how to reach the acupoints in massaging using the oil. I also decided that I should  learn how to read nutrition labels, and above all, I became a master of my own body by learning exactly what I need to do and what I shouldn’t do or what works and doesn't work for my body. To my surprise, in just a span of 8 weeks I have lost huge body fats.”


Week 12

“To other women looking to start a weight loss journey: Stop trying the quick fixes! I tried and wasted so much time and money on so many different things hoping to lose 100 pounds in a few months. It’s not realistic. And if someone has done that, chances are they didn’t do it in a sustainable and healthy way. This ginger essential oil is really a game changer indeed. I am very thankful to my friend for convincing me to try this out first before I succumb to those surgeries.”

“I’m not perfect, and I do have days where I dive into a jar of peanut butter or have a slice of cheesecake or pizza—but those aren’t a daily thing for me anymore.”

Eleanor Shiffer, Albany, New York


How to use:

  1. Put 3-4 drops of the essential oil on your palm
  2. Rub it on your belly gently then massage it well on the area
  3. Massage until the oil is absorbed by the skin, around 5-10 minutes
  4. Use this regularly to achieve fast results


  • Ingredients: Ginger, Glycerin, Cassia Seed, Capsaicin, Angelica
  • Net Wt.: 30 ml


Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Belly Drainage Ginger Essential Oil

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