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FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume

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FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume


Enhancing, enticing, and dangerous. Release your inner charm with the FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume has many scents such as fragrance of jasmine- femenine and freesia and vanilla scents for the masculine side that are easy on the nose. The FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume boasts a long-lasting scent that overpowers unflattering body scents such as sweat. 

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Backed by Scientific Evidence

Scientific studies have shown that pheromones can provoke a response of attraction by sending signals to the brain receptors of a person. With our perfume's scent formulation being laced with pheromones, not only do you become more attractive, but you'll smell incredible too!

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are generally recognized as single or small sets of compounds that transmit signals between animals and people. They're a type of subconscious or invisible communication that lets the other person feel attracted to you. They do not have any scent and are easily masked in perfumes.

Pheromone Elevating Perfume

The formulation of the perfume makes it that when it touches your skin, it elevates and strengthens the scent and potency of your pheromones. Once the contact and connection are made between your pheromones and the perfume, you will emit a stronger positive odor. The molecular fusion of your pheromones and the perfume will help you attract, seduce, and arouse other people more effectively.

We made the FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume using a formulation that is potent enough to influence moods, emotions, and affection. It stimulates the brain receptors of people with pheromones that send signals to light them up. It causes people to quickly feel attracted to you. Pheromones themselves don't have any discernible scent and no one will know if you're wearing them or not. All they'll feel is a sudden attraction to you!

Why Should You Use FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume?

  • Enhances Natural Pheromone Production
  • Inspires More Affection and Romance
  • Helps Elevate Your Confidence
  • Improves Romantic Relationships
  • Boosts Appeal and Attractiveness
  • Alluring and Attractive Scent


  • Gentle Scent- It boasts a soft and gentle scent that isn’t abrasive on the nose. It is also safe for people with more sensitive smelling.
  • One Spray Solution- Provides long lasting fragrance sprayed in one general scent point.
  • Pheromone Attraction- One spray is enough to capture the attention of potential partners; It emulates pheromones we naturally and subconsciously emit.
  • Natural Ingredients- It contains natural ingredients that give the produce its soft and natural scent.
  • Washable- It is easily washable with soap and water (when sprayed on the skin), and detergents (when sprayed on clothes). 
  • Gentle Formula- Contains a gentle and skin-safe formula that doesn’t trigger allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.

How to use?

  1. Shake the bottle.

  2. Remove the cap. 

  3. Spray on points like wrist, neck, behind the ear, inner elbow, or behind the knees.


  • Net Wt.: 50ml
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Fragrance: Neutral
  • Top Notes: Freesia
  • Middle Notes: Peony
  • Base Notes: Tempered Vanilla
  • Net Wt.: 50ml
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Fragrance: Floral and Fruity
  • Top Notes: Lemon
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x FallingLove Meteor Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume ( Scarlet Allure or Sapphire Wave)

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